• 1. Adult Supervision required for children under 18 years of age
  • 2. Never point rifle at people, animals and properties.
  • 3. Always handle rifle as if it is loaded
  • 4. Always point rifle to a safe direction
  • 5. Never leave rifle loaded and charged (Always empty before storing)
  • 6. Always exercise extreme caution when operating air rifle
  • 7. Always observe surrounding before shooting (make sure there is no chance of anyone getting into your line of sight - Be sure of your target and beyond)

Operational Directions

  • 1. Pump it moderately (3-7 times recommended)
  • 2. Press down key plate (for ejecting bolt)
  • 3. Insert bullet into slot
  • 4. Replace bolt to original position

Target Adjustments

Adjusting Up and Down

Turn Disc A :

  • A. Clockwise --> slot goes down --> upper target
  • B. Anti --> clockwise --> slot goes up --> lower target


To maintain the performance of the air rifle, lubrication is recommended (recommendation: once every 150 shots). Parts to be lubricated shown in the diagram above (2 pins and the wool ring) Use SAE 30 oil.

Note: Avoid using other standard of lubrication

Safety System

Trigger lock equipped

  • 1. Press button from left to lock trigger
  • 2. Press button from right to release trigger